Practical Parenting Sheffield

9-week course in Sheffield

The Formative Years (0-10yrs)

PRACTICAL PARENTING - The Early Years 0-10

How the parenting course works

This Sheffield course is an opportunity to step back and consider the role of the parent in the care, upbringing and education of children.

We always love our children but we don’t always love their behaviour, which can change like the wind! This course shows practical proven ways to deal with this and much more, for the overall benefit of the child and the family.
Some key points covered in the course:
* Love, respect and discipline 
* Listening to your child 
* Giving the best 
* Teaching true values and principles 
* Connecting with the present moment, the NOW
* Don’t be in a hurry 
* Children learn by example 
* Being in harmony with your children 
* Dealing with challenging behaviour 
* All for the good and welfare of the child and the whole family 
Discover ideas, tips, support and proven ways of applying a range of parenting skills that make a difference in the life of your child and the whole family.
Practical Parenting Course

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Practical Parenting (0-10yrs) Enrolment

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What we explore through the course

Themes included in the course: (click each title below for more details)

The Parental Role

Why do children need parents? The early years are most important. Connecting with the essence of the child. The importance of the state of being of the parent. A practical tool.

Nurturing growth

Encouraging and enjoying the unique qualities of the child. Exploring the importance of attachment and detachment in the parent /child relationship, how can we marry the two?

Giving the Best

Parents as the primary educators of the child, what do we want to teach them? The Parent as a role model. The importance of the relationship between parents.

Good company

Meeting the very young child through love and play. Considering how the child spends their time, what influences them? What is best for the child?

Exploring love and discipline

The balance of love and discipline. What is it to be disciplined? What does it mean to give discipline to a child, why is it important? Three principles for good discipline.

Challenging behaviour

Examining our habitual responses to challenging behaviours. A practical tool. The power of positive attention, the importance of encouragement and positive speech. The need to discourage certain behaviours and activities. Identifying and meeting the underlying need.

Promoting confidence

Having faith in the child’s capacity, enjoying time together, showing interest and listening. The power of attention and the power of giving.

Having a vision

Having a vision for each child, identifying and nurturing their potential. Review of course content.

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Practical Philosophy Course
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Wonderful classes

"Thank you so much to my tutor for the wonderful classes that you have taken. My whole life has transformed since joining the course. I feel a much better person and that is all credit to you and the way you conduct the class and encourage its members.”
philosophy course reviews
Practical philosophy student

The present moment

“This course ‘woke me up’, particularly to the present moment. Learning to use the ‘full stop’ between daily events and pausing, rather than everything running in to one continuum”
philosophy course reviews
Practical philosophy student

Very practical

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been very practical and has given me lots of tools and exercises to use in my daily life. Coming back each week and feeding back to the group has reinforced what I have learned and given me extra pointers”.
philosophy course reviews
Practical philosophy student