Nurturing Children Blog

What do children need?

As we approach holidays, when we are likely to spend more time with our children, let us remember the unconditional love they need in order to flourish. 

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The Rights to be a child

Our families are bombarded by all sorts of images and words at the touch of a button, so it is hard to protect and safeguard our children from inappropriate material, but it is of paramount importance that we do. 

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Stay Calm

Stay calm! Do not go with the wind-up. Saying no, walking away and REFUSING TO ENGAGE in such confrontations are good ways to deal with the situation.  

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Developing Respobsibility

Independence, rather than jumping in too quickly with our suggestions or habitually doing things for them which they are perfectly capable of doing themselves. With positive encouragement and praise, they will happily respond to the challenge of growing up. 

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Happy Parent – Happy Child

First, it is important that we treat our children as people whose feelings, opinions, desires and questions matter. While we may not always be able to accommodate their preferences, we need to listen and not dismiss them out of hand. Each child is unique and has his or her own way of reasoning, and sometimes fears and worries too. 

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Parenting – The garden of childhood

Times change, fashions change, governments change, but children remain the same. But, like us, they are influenced by what goes on around them. It is so important, therefore, to maintain stability in the home so that our children can feel secure and confident in themselves, wherever they are and whatever they have to face outside  

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