The Waterperry Frescos and Creative Writing – 17th to 20th January 2023

Two Day Creative Writing Retreat

Join us for a two day mid-week creative writing retreat at Waterperry House taking its magnificent frescos as our inspiration.

The frescos, recently acclaimed in a conservation report as an important contribution to the heritage significance of the house, extend over three floors in an open atrium known as the Artists’ Hall. Illustrating many key concepts from different spiritual traditions, the frescos were achieved using traditional techniques some of which had to be rediscovered from the 15th Century.

The First Causes

Reflecting on its images, we will have an opportunity to reimagine their meaning through our own experiences, and to express our findings in poetry, story, or any other literary form. Beginning with the outward show of the creation, working to the first causes, we will explore the same inspiration, creativity and artistry that lies behind and within the hall itself. There will be time to study and enjoy the frescos, time to reflect, and time to write. There will also be opportunities to share our findings, and our work.

Richard Ibbett, one of the architects of the Artists’ Hall, will guide participants through the frescos. Robin Mukherjee, a writer and educator, will facilitate the creative workshops.

Retreat Dates

The retreat runs from January 17th (Tuesday evening) to 20th (Friday morning)

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Courses in practical wisdom for everyday living. Meet with like minded individuals.


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