Parenting – The garden of childhood

Caring for a family is like caring for a garden.

If we tend it regularly, it’s easy to remove the small weeds as they appear; but if we neglect it, the weeds grow big and strong, and it takes a lot of effort and spadework to dig them out – but IT CAN BE DONE. 

Times change, fashions change, governments change, but children remain the same. But, like us, they are influenced by what goes on around them. It is so important, therefore, to maintain stability in the home so that our children can feel secure and confident in themselves, wherever they are and whatever they have to face outside  

Home rules and boundaries are best laid down at the beginning. “Start as you mean to go on,” our wise parents and grandparents used to say, and those words of wisdom continue to ring true today. 

We know how easily things slide out of control if we don’t set or keep to rules and boundaries. We can avoid this if we have the courage and confidence to set the standards, to say what we mean, mean what we say and stick to it. 

When our children arrive on the scene, everything is totally fresh and new for them and for us, the parents. 

The children are totally dependent on us and look to us to set the rules. It’s easy therefore if we start at the beginning; not so easy if we try to pull in the reins later. 

Similarly with the family – if we deal with situations as they arise, problems are not likely to run out of control; if we let things slip it is much harder to restore the equilibrium, but with effort and “spadework” IT CAN BE DONE. The motto is, “NEVER GIVE UP” 

Remember, your family depends on you. 

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